10 years of professional engaged in daily ceramics, craft ceramics, glass products OEM/ODM factory.

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                        We are fully immersed in the product world of our customer

                        Bone china coffee cup plate european coffee set british afternoon tea cup black tea cup bone china cup
                        Bone china coffee cup plate european coffee set british afternoon tea cup black tea cup bone china cup
                        Bone porcelain is made of high temperature, elegant design and color, round cup mouth, smooth touch, easy to clean, and does not fade. Curved handle design, elegant and fashionable, ergonomic design, easy to handle, comfortable to grip. The patterns and colors on the porcelain are made of well printed pattern paper, which is pasted with earth by hand and then burned in 800 ℃ kiln. It is free of lead and cadmium and does not fade. The three piece design of cup, dish and spoon is elegant and atmospheric, the groove design is convenient for use, and the cup is firmly placed. The patterns painted by the craftsman are simple with a little retro style, and the strokes are smooth and natural, which is more handmade. A cup of coffee, some biscuits, a magazine, spent the afternoon in this way, enjoying the wonderful time.
                        Pearl waterware household living room afternoon tea light luxury electroplated teapot tray ceramic gift set
                        Pearl waterware household living room afternoon tea light luxury electroplated teapot tray ceramic gift set
                        The gradient color ceramic water kit has a warm glaze, which is unique and adds a touch of bright color to a better life. It is suitable for sharing with friends. In a lazy afternoon, enjoy a pot of scented tea and a delicious snack. The exquisite hand-painted gilt border, the unique craftsmanship and the elegant streamlined body of the pot show the simplicity and tranquility of porcelain. The colored glaze is simple, elegant, textured, beautiful and versatile. The mouth of the cup is carefully polished, the lines are smooth and round without hurting the lips, and the free drinking is more comfortable. The spout line is smooth, the water outlet is more smooth, and the water supply is clean. The unique pearl glaze is gorgeous and elegant, gorgeous and elegant. The flowing light gradual change glaze process makes the glaze soft, bright and beautiful. Multi claw branch suspension, space saving, beautiful, more convenient to take. Throughout the year, flower tea, fruit tea and cold drinks can be easily promoted.
                        Silver edge ceramic silver tableware bowl and plate set
                        Silver edge ceramic silver tableware bowl and plate set
                        High quality porcelain, hard texture, healthy and environmental protection, makes the whole delicate and glossy, and the bottom is not glazed, playing a role of anti-skid. After being fired at high temperature, it will not fade, absorb water, deform, be easy to clean, have bright colors and fine lines. It is as beautiful as a work of art. It is green and white, with distinctive characteristics, complex design process and lead-free and cadmium free. The glaze is bright and clean, white and green, and the silver plated edge adds elegance. Bright as a mirror, stronger texture, delicate feel and full color. The pursuit of French elegance, retro, intellectual, low-key but not boring, does not need to be deliberately carved, but a classic and amazing leisure beauty. Meet the basic needs of humanization and deepen people's yearning for home. Tableware is not only a tableware, but also beautifies the home to a great extent.
                        Household double ear dry pot rectangular soup pot with candlestick iron frame Xingyue ceramic soup pot
                        Household double ear dry pot rectangular soup pot with candlestick iron frame Xingyue ceramic soup pot
                        Xingyue rectangular double ear soup pot, wandering moon and dense stars come late, matched with iron candlestick. The moon and the stars are hidden in the sky. They are linked by love. The high-temperature glaze color technology is inseparable from porcelain, and it is not easy to break the flowers and the color does not overflow. The porcelain is fine and bright. It is made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature. It feels fine and hard. Big capacity, big caliber, not afraid to eat more than one person. Carefully made, the tray is strong enough to hold heated candles. Candle hole design, stable placement, provides candle insulation and heating for dishes. Ear hanging design, easy to carry, hot food is not easy to burn. The iron frame is beautiful and generous, firm and unshakable. Creative design, optional size to meet daily needs. Two kinds of cover buckles, optional, more convenient to carry, anti overflow vent, exhaust anti overflow. Visible glass cover, master cooking progress at any time, handle design, easy to carry. Scenarios are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

                        1. Inquiry: Customers tell the desired form factor, performance specifications, life cycle, and compliance requirements.

                        2. Design: The design team is involved from the start of a project to ensure the best custom designed products to suit clients’ needs..

                        3. Quality Management: In order to supply high quality structures, we maintain an effective & efficient Quality Management System.

                        • Our Services
                          Professional entrepreneurial guidance team, highly potential intelligent + industrial chain development
                        • Cost Containment
                          It is vital for any contractor not to exceed the budget and that is why we pay utmost attention.
                        • Quality Assurance
                          Every project we work on is checked for quality assurance to satisfy the needs of the modern society.
                        • Equipment Installation
                          Our professional team can install all kinds of equipment in the finished building as a part of post-construction services.
                        • 2008+
                        • 500+
                          Company personnel
                        • 3000+
                          Factory area
                        Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd.

                        Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating OEM and ODM, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

                        In order to meet the different needs of customers, Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of sanbo, was formally established in January 2015. Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating development, production and marketing. The main products are stainless steel plate, stainless steel heat preservation cup, stainless steel pot, stainless steel frying pan, stainless steel lunch box, stainless steel seasoning can and so on.

                        "Sincere cooperation, create brilliant" is Xiangbo has always been adhering to the business philosophy.

                        "Famous brand enterprise of stainless steel products" is our goal.

                        At this point, on the way forward, we will follow our heart and never leave. We hope to work hand in hand with all guests to create a great cause and achieve a win-win situation.

                        Our company sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to guide and seek common development!

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                        The customer goes to the company to inspect the goods in person
                        The customer goes to the company to inspect the goods in person
                        Inspection refers to the inspection of goods received to see whether the type, name, quantity and quality of goods are the same as those ordered. If the goods pass the inspection, they can be received. The inspection work must be careful, because once the goods are warehoused, the distribution center will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of the goods. The purpose of inspection is to check whether the goods provided by the Supplier meet the requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the Demander.
                        The customer goes to the company to place an order in person
                        The customer goes to the company to place an order in person
                        Putting customers at the center of all work, not only to understand customers' needs, but also to understand them and their needs background, can bring many benefits. One of the advantages is that it will provide endless creativity and innovative inspiration, so that you can enter more fields to explore and invent. Another advantage is that you can continuously create value for customers by being ahead of their needs.
                        Warmly welcome customers to visit
                        Warmly welcome customers to visit
                        Our customer's visit is beneficial to the company, which can help us better meet the needs of this customer, and we can also better meet the needs of customers. High quality products and services, first-class equipment and technology, and good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract this customer. Sanbo Ceramics always adheres to the concept of "customer-centric", improves its ability to serve customers, and actively communicates with customers.
                        Opening Ceremony of Compulsory Sanbo Home Furnishings
                        Opening Ceremony of Compulsory Sanbo Home Furnishings
                        In October, the opening ceremony of Sanbo Ceramics was held in Yiwu, with a huge crowd. The opening ceremony is also a grand occasion for our old and new friends to get together and continue our friendship. We would like to express our warm welcome again, and thank you all for your support and company to Sanbo Ceramics.Later, guests and friends were invited to enter the exhibition hall, and the new popular products were unveiled collectively, attracting guests and friends to purchase and watch, with unprecedented enthusiasm. After the visit, we will attend a dinner party to celebrate the successful opening of Sanbo Home.
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